Hear Me Out: An Interview with Zoe Horan of Resonance Audiology

Hear Me Out: An Interview with Zoe Horan of Resonance Audiology

Many of us search even into our adulthood for the path we are meant to take. However, some of us are lucky enough to know at a young age what the world has in store for us. If our purpose is clear, we may consider ourselves fortunate.

Such was the case for Zoe Horan, owner of Resonance Audiology, who has been interested in language (sign language in particular) since high school. When Zoe was in high school, she took American sign language classes and had the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment. Following in her sister’s footsteps, this was a wonderful way for her to gain college credits while still in high school. When Zoe saw that sign language classes were being offered after a full day at high school, she took a chance and she fell in love. “It’s such a beautiful language,” she reminisces. “Sign language is such a great tool to have in your arsenal.”

When the time came for continuing her education, Zoe knew she wanted to do something aiding those with hearing loss or doing sign language. North Eastern University in Boston had a great interpreting program, as well as speech pathology and audiology (which Zoe knew she wanted to be involved in). It was perfect. She didn’t want to be an interpreter, even though she truly enjoyed her experience interpreting for others in high school.

On her first day of school, she had quite the eye opening experience.

“On my first day of undergrad school, there were twenty students in my class going into speech pathology, and one other girl and myself going into audiology. We were told that audiologists must have their doctorate. So on my very first day, I sat there with eight years ahead of me!” It was overwhelming, but Zoe was ready to take it all on. Since her school focused heavily on speech pathology, Zoe tried to take as many audiology classes as possible.Zoe eventually moved onto graduate school at Saint John’s in New York. Zoe’s experience in Long Island was an interesting transition for her. Long Island actually has a lot of opportunity for audiology experience, and Zoe tried to fit in as much experience through different avenues as possible. She worked at a VA hospital, a school for the deaf, and a private practice.

Zoe2It wasn’t until her third year of graduate school when life really changed for her, and for the better. It was during this year that she attended a conference in Dallas, Texas and met her fellow audiologist husband, Ryan Horan. An interesting aspect about Zoe’s husband is that he himself has hearing loss. This has helped Zoe connect with her patients because she truly does understand what it’s like for someone’s partner to suffer from hearing impairment and hearing loss. Ryan has suffered from hearing loss since he was just three years old. Originally from Lancaster, Ryan went received his Doctorate of Audiology from Sallis University in Elkins Park.

After graduate school, Zoe knew she was meant to open up her own private practice. “My biggest goal,” Zoe explains, “is to really give people a personal one-on-one experience.”

Zoe helps with anything from wax removal to cleaning hearing aids. Sometimes, patients will be in and out of her office within ten minutes, improved hearing and all! She is punctual, and is willing to go out of her way to make sure families aren’t inconvenienced. Zoe explains to me that research shows if we don’t give our brain the stimulation it requires, through sound, our cognition declines at an increased rate.

Zoe, a new mom to her son Henry, gets emotional during our interview as she talks about how hard it must be for her elderly patients to not be able to hear their grandchildren laugh, play, and sing. Her true passion for her job comes from the heart, and it is obvious that she enjoys helping others experience and enjoy life.

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