High Waisted: Surf Pop Band Plays at Chameleon Club on Saturday, April 16

High Waisted: Surf Pop Band Plays at Chameleon Club on Saturday, April 16

HighWaisted6“Oh, hold on a second! I’m kissing a golden retreiver!” Jessica apologized as she interrupted our conversation to kiss a dog, who has lived below her studio of two years, and has known since its puppy-hood. I had the chance to speak with the lovely lead singer of High Waisted.

On April 16, the Chameleon Club will be hosting High Waisted, a surf rock/surf pop band made up of New Yorkers Jessica Dye (vocals and guitar), Stephan Neilson (lead guitar), Jono Berstein (drums), and Jeremy Hansen (bass).


HighWaisted_SidebarPicThe story of how they came together is very musically based. Jessica used to attend a bar every Sunday for “Bring Your Own Vinyl Night,” which was lead by now bass player, Jeremy. The weekly evening was a great little community way to hang out. Now lead guitarist, Stephan, worked right across from the street, and Jessica later met drummer, Jono Bernstein dancing at a show on the same street. They were all musically connected, and were great friends before a band formation naturally accumulated from their friendship.

The undertones of High Waisted, which formed in the Spring of 2014, are definitely surf based. Jessica’s favorite song off of their debut album, On Ludlow, is “Hey, Hey,” where she taps into a sassier, more confrontational portion of her bubbly and charming personality. “It’s something I get to do on stage, and get to leave on stage, too,” Jessica says. Jessica’s voice is like… Well, it’s like magic. It’s smooth and soothing and has the clearest tone I think I’ve heard in a long time.

I would encourage you to give their album, On Ludlow, a really good listen. It’s great for driving, relaxing, working, and enjoying the company of those you love.

Tickets are on sale for their show at the Chameleon here.

INSTAGRAM: @gethighwaistedd
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/highwaisted

Formed in the spring of 2014, High Waisted is an NYC surf rock band with pop sensibilities and an affliction for rock and roll. Every show is a party. Lo-fi fuzzy bass, reverb drenched guitars and radiant harmonies mesh to create the melodies of your wave-crashed daydreams. Fronted by Jessica Louise Dye, and backed by three long haired hunks, her quirky 60’s garage rock aesthetic is re-imagined from the nose of a surfboard, making High Waisted feel like a summer’s dream. Named NME Magazine’s “buzz band to watch,” the group recently released Acid Tapes Vol. 2. Their debut album, On Ludlow was recorded at Dreamland Recording Studios in Woodstock, NY with renowned producer Bryan Pugh, will release March 4th, 2016.  High Waisted is known for throwing their own DIY concerts on boats, tiki style pig roasts, and acid trip pizza parties.