FUBAR: Historical Zombie Anthology

FUBAR: Historical Zombie Anthology

When I got assigned to interview Jeff McComsey of FUBAR (the famous graphic novel based around zombies and American history, which was placed on the New York Times Best Sellers list) I was… well, “pumped” is an understatement. I have been following this league of fine gentlemen since they were in art school at PA College of Art and Design. It is so exciting and satisfying to see such talented graduates from art school become successful. The following interview is regarding their KickStarter campaign to release the fourth volume in their anthology, FUBAR: By The Sword. Their campaign ends on March 22, 2015.

Fine Living Lancaster: First, tell us who is on your team and how they contribute.

Jeff McComsey: Steve Becker is the art director and contributes a lot of our key art that we use for display on the campaign. Jeff McClelland is our story editor and helps edit all the copy we put up for the campaign. I manage and run the campaign itself as well as editing the FUBAR books. We all contribute art and stories to FUBAR along with dozens of other artists and writers.

FLL: Tell us about your artistic background.

JM: I’m a 2005 graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art and Design here in Lancaster. I majored in Illustration with a minor in sequential art. I’ve been making comics in Lancaster ever since. I started with small photo copied mini comic anthologies composed of fellow PCAD students’ work. Those mini comics were pretty raw but I found a love for putting together large projects which eventually led me to starting FUBAR with Steve Becker in 2009.

FLL: So, this is the fourth volume in your series. Can you brief us on the first three and how the fourth volume continues the story?

JM: FUBAR is a historical zombie anthology. Our first two volumes focused specifically on World War II with volume one, called FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned, followed by FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead. For our third volume we expanded that to all of American history for our 426-page publication, FUBAR: American History Z. After that I created a full length graphic novel FUBAR story called MOTHER RUSSIA for which we ran a very successful campaign last year. Our current KickStarter is for our next anthology, FUBAR: By The Sword, which focuses on all of world history.

FLL: Tell us what goal you’re hoping to reach on KickStarter

JM: Right now FUBAR BY THE SWORD is at just over $20,000. Our initial goal was $6,500 so we’ve exceeded that, but I’m hoping for $30,000. At those numbers we can reprint a lot of older material as well as realease two new volumes. We’ve got a couple weeks left and a lot of cool stretch goals between now and then that I’m anxious to share!

FLL: What made you choose KickStarter rather than another website, such as GoFundMe?

JM: This will be our fourth KickStarter campaign and from the beginning, the community on KickStarter along with the staff have been excellent. We started small and built up a great fan base on KickStarter that have been awesome enough to come out and support us time and time again. It’s where we started and I’ve never even considered using another platform.

FLL: Anything else you would like us all to know?

JM: I’d just like to say thanks for looking!

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