Home & Living: Martin’s Chair

Home & Living: Martin’s Chair

Building a chair is not a simple task. It takes complex mathematics to get the angles and shape during the woodworking process just right, ensuring comfort and a product which is built to last. Martin’s Chair, Inc. is one of the few companies who builds their own chairs. A customer can work directly with their craftsman who is creating their custom treasure and see the product being made which will end up in their home. Why don’t more custom furniture stores make their own chairs?

“It’s difficult to construct the angles found in the seat going up through the arm and travelling into the top bow.” But it’s within these angles where strength and durability lies. A chair must be capable and strong enough to withstand the test of time.


Although Martin’s Chair, Inc. focuses on 18th century products, their talents are not limited to just one style; they will work with you to create custom pieces which fit any style you desire. From traditional to contemporary, Martin’s Chair has the ability to customize and create products of your choice. You can even take a tour of their woodshop.

You can furnish your entire house through Martin’s Chair, Inc. They carry everything from tables and chairs, to chandeliers, floor coverings, and accessories. “We show and make the product right here,” says Teresa.

MartinsChair2“We have customers who purchased chairs 40 years ago and came in to tell us they’re still like new,” John says. If you want strong and functional furniture which will fit in with your own personal decor, Martin’s Chair, Inc. is the answer.

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