Holiday Workshops in Lancaster

Holiday Workshops in Lancaster


IMG_2502Women and men of all ages were greeted with warmth, inspiration, and smiles as they entered the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen on Tuesday evening for a paper wreath-making class. For just $10, they were provided with a selection of River Horse craft beer and delicious, healthy snacks.

As everyone sat down and got to know one another around a long, family-style table, they looked around at the supplies. There was a total of 500 hand-dyed pieces of green computer paper, factory-dyed green computer paper, two sizes of metal wreath frames, floral wire, scissors, and a mixtures of pinecones, faux-berries, and jingle bells.

Diane Richards, event coordinator at the Guild, charmingly gave detailed instructions on how to assemble the wreaths. Everyone started working away, finding their own methods of making the wreaths their own. People chattered and introduced themselves to one another, exchanging business cards and e-mail addresses for future conversations.

There’s something about being creative together that really brings forth the holiday cheer. Working towards the same goal, complimenting one another, taking tips from one another, and just enjoying one another in a small space will really get you in the holiday spirit.

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