Home & Living: Anne Lusk

Home & Living: Anne Lusk

Anne Lusk, owner of Lusk and Associates Sotheby’s International Realty, ended her weekly morning meeting with a quote by Robert Baden-Powell:

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Be prepared. The meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise.”[/pullquote]

Anne Lusk tries to always be prepared. No matter what the obstacle may be, she believes in preparing ahead of time. “In business, unexpected things can happen. If you come prepared, then you don’t have to panic,” she says.

Anne has 25 years of experience in real estate and absolutely loves it. Real estate is ever-changing. Although homes sell all year round, real estate is a price-sensitive market. Anne always tries to be prepared and ready for anything that comes her way.

Outside of her job, Anne is very passionate about her two rescue dogs, both mini bull terriers. One of her dogs came from Tijuana; when she tried to command her to sit, stay, and come, she realized she didn’t understand what she was saying. “My biggest realization happened. She only knew commands in Spanish!” she says, laughing.

Anne has since learned commands in Spanish, and the dogs understand both languages. You could say they’re bilingual.

Anne has many passions, but seeking out perfect homes for her clients is her top priority. She says, “I just love it so much. It brings great joy to me and my family.”

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