Hope for the Miniature Humans

Hope for the Miniature Humans

— From the pages of FLL#35

This is Yelram.3 Alyak reporting from Planet Earth. It has taken me three and a half light years to get here from Planet Parsnik and my last visit was 100 earth years ago.

I have observed many differences since my last visit, including additional structures on the surface in the highly populated areas. I also noticed the large, white ice blocks on the top and bottom of the planet appear to be shrinking. The most significant change, however, is in the humans, and it is very concerning. Appearing to be self-sustaining beings on my last visit, they now seem to require some sort of “recharging” device. In the area I observed, humans carried small to medium devices which were not present 100 years ago. The humans became quite distraught if their device got too far from their being, so I can only assume the devices were critical for survival.

The humans interacted with these survival devices by fixing their face intently on the screen or holding it beside their head which in turn effectively tuned out everything around them, sometimes for a significant period of time. The devices were recharged and the humans were able to complete another task for a short period of time before requiring another interface with the survival device.

Upon my last visit many years ago, I commented on the connection I noticed between the humans; they connected with each other. But now there is no need for that, as they connect primarily with these tiny screens. There are large screens as well. Almost every human dwelling has several large screens within it. The humans sit in front of the screens and observe moving images. The humans occasionally sit side by side, but there is little to no interaction, as they are focused only on their survival screens. When humans emerge from their nightly shutdown period, they require an immediate recharge from their devices, often before they are even able to become vertical. These humans are different than 100 years ago. There is a dullness about them, even after they themselves recharge. They also seem very tense.

The only humans who do not require their own recharging devices are the very miniature humans. These miniature humans still observe their environment and attempt to interface with other humans. Sometimes the humans provide the miniature humans with their survival devices. When the miniature humans interface with the devices, they become even more immersed than the large humans, and profoundly more distraught when the large humans need the device returned for their own survival.

A hundred years ago, I observed that the human race was thriving and becoming extraordinary. This was largely due to their communication skills, astute observations, bright and inquisitive minds, and critical thinking abilities. Now I watch the humans exude obvious weakness, requiring the strange devices to keep them going, and I am deeply concerned.

I did however witness something which gave me hope as I signed off from my brief observation period on Earth. A female human gave her device to a miniature human in the park. The miniature human tossed it aside as she ran after other miniature humans. She jumped on a moving apparatus and propelled her body forward and back with the same enthusiasm and look of wonder I remembered witnessing 100 years ago. Maybe she didn’t need the recharging device. Maybe there is hope for the miniature humans.

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