Health & Wellness: Eric W. Howard, DMD, PC

Health & Wellness: Eric W. Howard, DMD, PC

— From the pages of FLL#37 • Photo by Bianca Cordova

Eric W. Howard, DMD, has been providing quality orthodontic care in Lancaster County since 2002. Educated and trained at the University of Pennsylvania and the prestigious Eastman Dental Center in New York, Dr. Howard brings a unique approach to his practice that combines the latest technology with personal attention and customized care.

Dr. Howard believes his time-tested approach to care means patients will have the best experience and optimal outcomes. With the support of his experienced and dedicated staff, he oversees the care of each and every patient.

“My top priority is to remove barriers to care that patients and families may be concerned about,” Dr. Howard says. “I want to ensure that we provide the right care in a setting that is relaxed and professional.”

Dr. Howard says he is able to accomplish his goals by focusing on four areas:

COMFORT. “Fear of discomfort is a common barrier,” he explains. “By employing advanced techniques commonly used in sports medicine, we are able to make patients as comfortable as possible as they adjust to their orthodontic appliances.”

SAFETY. “Our state-of-the-art 3D scans deliver the lowest dose of radiation in the industry, ensuring patient safety and parents’ peace of mind,” he says.

AESTHETICS. “The custom simulations we can create with our laser scanning technology leads to the perfect bite and, ultimately, the perfect smile,” Dr. Howard says. “Our goal is to have patients excited to show off their new look.”

TIME. “Our entire process for alignment and correction happens quickly and efficiently,” he says, “resulting in the best smile for each patient.”

Dr. Howard continues to explore promising techniques that will enable him to refine treatment and enhance patient comfort.

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