Health & Wellness: Wiley’s Pharmacy

Health & Wellness: Wiley’s Pharmacy

— From the pages of FLL#37

When Wiley’s calls itself Lancaster County’s “friendly neighborhood pharmacy,” they truly mean it. Their pharmacists are locals with decades of combined experience, and their four locations around Lancaster County offer personal service and a friendly, small-town feel aimed at making guests feel welcome.

“For over 20 years we’ve taken the time to understand your family’s wellness needs,” says Brandon Wiley, owner and pharmacist. “I like to say, don’t be surprised if we remember your name the next time you visit!”

Indeed, Wiley’s Pharmacy offers many value-added services, like a 24/7 on-call pharmacist, a huge selection of over-thecounter medications, free prescription delivery (with a minimum $20 purchase), a generous loyalty program, and a Prescription Club that offers savings on over 5,000 medications and flat-rate generic medicines.

The pharmacy also cares for its customers with products that make taking medication simpler and safer. OnePAC, for example, is an innovative system that organizes multiple medications into a seven-day supply and packages them into perforated strips, separating pills into dosage time.

“Health, wellness, and happiness is our goal,” Brandon says. “Poor adherence to medication regimens is responsible for 60% of national emergency room visits. To achieve our goal, we want to do all we can to help patients deliver accurate, timely doses of medication.”

But Wiley’s is more than just a pharmacy. The selection of gifts includes Hallmark cards, fine jewelry, glassware, home décor, and more.

Such an array of services offered with a genuine smile keeps locals coming back to Wiley’s again and again.


Strasburg (717) 687-6058
Centerville (717) 898-8804
Millersville (717) 871-1100
Quarryville (717) 786-1191