I Want You to Want Me: Faulkner BMW

I Want You to Want Me: Faulkner BMW


The waiting area is small, really small. Unlike other car dealers and repair areas, there is not an expanse of space with lots of televisions and rows and rows of comfy chairs. Oh, there are a few chairs, but not a single soul in this bustling establishment.


Appointment made for the yearly inspection. Yes, a loaner car will be needed.

As you pull up for the appointment, a charming older gentleman greets and directs you to your specific representative (in my case, the lovely and efficient Caitlin Hostetter). Within a span of less than five minutes, you are given the keys to your personal transportation for the day. No van; no waiting rooms. Just a respect for your time, your patronage, your needs, and you. I have owned a lot of cars—used and new, domestic and foreign—and I have never been treated with the courtesy and respect for my time like the service I receive every time at Faulkner BMW.


I was curious if this was an anomaly based on the newness of the car, but I was reassured by managers and service representatives alike that new and used BMWs are provided with the same level of service and attention to the customer’s needs. We are all busy people who do not have minutes, let alone hours, to sit in a waiting room thinking we have been ignored or waiting for a van to drop off customer after customer, taking 90 minutes to complete what should be a 15-minute commute.

We have places to go and things demanded of us. BMW understands those pressures and, with skill and sincerity, erases stress and deftly takes care of our automobile needs—from purchase to repair.


FaulknerBMW_03Every car company/dealership promises great customer service. Faulkner BMW is the one, for me, that has delivered every time and in every way.

Faulkner BMW
1530 Manheim Pike, Lancaster