I Want You to Want Me

I Want You to Want Me

The infamous Steve Jobs said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Dear Steve, you may think I needed a phone that allows me to send emojis wearing sunglasses, but what I know I want is fabulous customer service.

I remember a time when I would buy trendy clothes that did not fit my body type in any way, hence the wearing of jumpsuits. I would purchase shoes that gave me blisters but were perfect for that chartreuse bubble dress and, admittedly, I did not fully appreciate good customer service when it was given to me. To atone for my faux pas in the past, I have attempted to fix my fashion sense. (Avoiding anything in chartreuse has elevated my aesthetic already.) And I will now regularly call out good customer service when I experience it.

This column will appear only when I have experienced customer service worth praising, never highlighting or calling out the negative. Customer service is defined by looking like you, service-providing individuals, sincerely want to help me. (Not sell me. Those are two different ideas.) Hopefully I walk away thinking, “I bet they will remember me.” Not what you were expecting. Right?! Even if it lasts for only 30 seconds, I have decided I am most happy with customer service when the transaction can be categorized more appropriately as a relationship. When you see me again, you will smile and lean in wanting to help, remember details, forge a bond of trust, and tell me, “I am so glad you’re back.”

You see… I want to be wanted.

October 23, 2015 

Zanzibar: 21 West King Street, Lancaster City

I needed a gift. The going away party was in just a few hours and I had delayed the chore because deciding what to buy was a large part of the dilemma. I settled on a scarf, but not your normal, generic scarf. The most unique scarves are found on the shelves of Zanzibar in Lancaster City, but as I was driving home from work, the idea of heading into the city seemed like a daunting undertaking. I decided to go in spite of my ill-placed misgivings (the traffic gods were with me), knowing the selection would allow me to find something both beautiful, unique, and reasonably priced. Within minutes of entering the store, I found the perfect choice. To my surprise, Steve, the store owner, asked if I wanted it gift-wrapped. Free and Martha Stewart quality. Perfection!

Not only did the trip take less time than going to the mall, it ended with me finding the perfect gift and having it packaged in such a way that when I placed it before my friend, I was both proud and excited for her to open it.

Steve at Zanzibar made this happen, and I am willing to bet he would enjoy making this happen for you as well.