INNOVATOR: Penn Ketchum

INNOVATOR: Penn Ketchum

— Owner of Penn Cinema

(From the pages of FLL Issue #37 /​ Fiscal Thinking Issue #3 • Photo by Will Marks)


Penn’s love for all things cinematic began in 1977 when he saw Star Wars with his father. Having faith in the power of myth and imagination, Penn believes that movies are the perfect medium for modern day storytelling. Thickening plotlines and exciting endings not only are an incredibly important part of how we evolve as a society, but they also make life just plain fun. Many movie theaters are run by individuals who have inherited the business, like many other industries in existence. Penn and his partners have been successful for several reasons. Penn is not afraid of taking risks and does not have several years of others’ bad habits behind him. Penn Cinema looks at their business with fresh eyes. “There has to be some willingness to make mistakes,” Penn explains. Especially if, along the way, it opens the door to finding a brilliant new way to do business. Penn is always in the know of new movies and loves to encourage others (with a beaming smile) to partake in the joy of storytelling.


As Penn continues to learn new things, meet new people, and force himself to always reconsider why certain things are done certain ways, he also realizes that continuing to have fun and enjoy his work is crucial to a successful theater.

Penn Cinemas
541 Airport Road, Lititz PA
(717) 626-7720