INNOVATOR: Trish Nabors

INNOVATOR: Trish Nabors

— Executive Director of the New Choices Career Development Program

(From the pages of FLL Issue #37 /​ Fiscal Thinking Issue #3 • Photo by Bianca Cordova)


The New Choices Career Development Program is an empowerment program which assists women with making changes in their lives. Each year, the program brings 100 women together for a ten-day, 60-hour course in which everyone is both a teacher and a problem-solver. New Choices develops a realistic assessment of each woman’s skills, helps them develop a career plan, and (most importantly) reawakens the value within each of them as an individual. Trish also practices life coaching, assisting individuals and teams in social development, assisting them to move beyond their own self limits to an area in life that is closer to their dream. Trish has always had an interest in others, and worked as a psychotherapist/clinician for 11 years of her life before her current career. Trish was nominated as an innovator because of her dedication to on-the-spot, innovative solutions for complex issues in a transition or even a crisis. She not only creates these solutions, but maps out the realistic steps to be taken in order to reach the end goal.


“This experience has been an undertaking but not an overtaking of me,” Trish explains. Not only does New Choices function as an empire within the community by offering a free two-week training program from a credentialed individual to gain assistance in self marketing, but it also provides support for women who are mothers. Trish hopes to continue seeing individuals leave the doors of New Choices with a greater hope and vision than they could have ever dreamed of.

New Choices Career Development Program
110 North Lime Street, Lancaster, PA
(717) 393-1735, EXT. 235