Integrity Pools and Spas, Inc.

Integrity Pools and Spas, Inc.

Integrity is Everything.
Let Integrity Pools and Spas, Inc. make your dreams of having your own backyard oasis come true.

Husband and wife team, Craig and Kate Horning, have always lived by the saying, “Integrity is doing the right thing, regardless of whether anyone notices.” It’s a motto that has been the cornerstone of their business, Integrity Pools and Spas, Inc.

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In September 2002, Craig was enjoying his work as a project foreman. One of his tasks was the construction of a community building which included installing a pool. The builder was very impressed with Craig’s work and quickly offered him a permanent job. With encouragement from Kate, Craig went for it and took the position.

With this experience came the need and desire to open up his own business, and that’s where Integrity Pools and Spas, Inc. was born. Finding a suitable name was his first task; when Kate asked him what set him apart from other businesses, Craig instantly replied, “I have integrity.” It just seemed to fit.

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What started in the second floor of the Horning’s home quickly grew. Now the business is entirely under one roof on Steel Way in Lancaster. The facility houses the retail shop, office space, and even its own warehouse.

Craig’s favorite part of the job is meeting people. “I have a great passion for taking something a customer has been dreaming about and making it a reality,” Craig says. “I will flip a backyard upside down and inside out to come up with a beautiful retreat for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy and make wonderful memories.”

It’s that knack for communicating with his clients to find out their dreams, needs, and (most importantly) their wants, while combining these ideas with a budget and creating a masterpiece designed especially for the client, that makes Craig the ultimate professional.

As with every successful business, there are challenges. But knowing how to navigate those obstacles and plan around them is just another way that Integrity Pools and Spas, Inc. comes out on top.


“We are a seasonal business with a limited window of time. So you just have to be great at juggling and prioritizing during the season,” Craig says. “I watch the weather every single day in order to fulfill my customers’ dreams and expectations.”

The Hornings live right in the community they serve, so it’s important to them that they can look their customers–and neighbors–in the eye and do right by them. “We want them to feel good about the money they’re spending,” Kate explains.

It’s that Integrity.

With a dedicated team of professionalism, a knack for caring customer service, and excellent skills, Integrity Pools and Spas, Inc. will make all your summer dreams come alive, right in your own backyard.

Integrity Pools and Spas, Inc.
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Lancaster, PA 17601

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