A Moment with Danene Sorace Part 2

A Moment with Danene Sorace Part 2

After winning the Mayoral Democratic Primary in May, Danene Sorace talks to FLL about what makes her tick, her priorities for the City of Lancaster and the upcoming general election.  Now at the start of the campaign season, this is the second in a series.

FLL:  What’s your favorite thing about campaigning?

DS:  Hands down, it is door-to-door canvassing.  Nearly everyone is willing to take a few minutes and talk with me about how things are going in their neighborhood, what they think could be done more, better or differently.  Sometimes they have a very specific problem that I can help them address – a street light is out, a pothole that needs to be filled, questions about a problem property, etc.

Typically I come home with a list of follow up items that require an email or phone call to a City staff person.  I can’t solve every problem, but it is important to me that residents don’t live with things that can and should be addressed.


FLL:  What do you wish people knew about you?

That I don’t take myself too seriously, though I am a serious person.  I know that sounds odd, but I really care about the work at hand and that means that sometimes I come across as intense or in the weeds. At the same time, I don’t take myself too seriously.  I can laugh at myself and recognize that the world is so much bigger and I am not the only one living in it.


FLL: What is your family life like?

It is a little crazy right now, as you might imagine. In addition to his full-time job, my husband teaches Aikido twice a week and together we manage a small business and commercial property.  I am on City Council, campaigning and continuing to consult on two national projects.  Our daughter Aurelia has just started middle school at Reynolds and swimming season begins in a few weeks.  We have our moments when it is totally overwhelming – mostly for me! Campaigning is like running a marathon and juggling everything else simultaneously.  When I fall, my family picks me back up, and tells me “you got this.”  I wouldn’t be able to do this without their support.


FLL:  What’s something you do every week?  

I go to Central Market. Going to Central Market represents so many things that I love about Lancaster – its history, its food, its people.  Invariably, I run into someone I know and have an opportunity to catch up, give and get a hug.  Market days are the best days.