Issue 38: Behind the Scenes Fashion

Issue 38: Behind the Scenes Fashion

Traveling like wolves in a pack, the FLL fashion team and three gorgeous models traveled to the quaint, antiquated town of Adamstown, Pennsylvania. Boxed shoes and delicately hung dresses from Angry Young and Poor filled the back of fashion photographer Bianca Cordova‘s seven-passenger van.

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As they approached Styles Underground, owner and stylist, Amy Sue, along with her makeup artist, Katlin, greeted us with open arms. They had some snacks and coffee for the models so they could be ready for their close-up as soon as they were finished with their morning pampering and styling session.

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The gorgeous German-inspired mini-town, Stoudtburg Village, awaited Bianca and creative director, Katerina Kuss, just across a pathway which stretched between the salon and the village. After exploring the area a little further, they found tiny nooks and crannies to shoot in, and even a bright purple house. The owners of the house kindly and excitedly allowed a photoshoot right in their own backyard.

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The beautiful models were styled with traditional pinup hair and makeup, and brightly colored dresses from Angry Young and Poor. Some of their dresses had words and even cacti printed on them. The ladies bathed in the sunshine for each photograph.

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As they finished up a successful photoshoot in front of an old barn, the owners of the barn treated them to freshly baked soft pretzels for the ride home.

What a delightful day this truly was!

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