Behind the Scenes with Issue 25 Cover Models: Claudia Navas and Scott Chamberlain

Behind the Scenes with Issue 25 Cover Models: Claudia Navas and Scott Chamberlain

Issue25BehindtheScenesQ: Tell readers a little about yourself.

Scott: My Name is R. Scott Chamberlain and I am originally from West Trenton, New Jersey. A 2006 graduate of Elizabethtown College, I’ve grown to love Lancaster County and now call it home. I love the architecture and history in Lancaster and enjoy visiting the galleries on Gallery Row and eating at the wonderful restaurants.

My favorite local artist is Christiane David and my favorite restaurant is Checkers Bistro (beet salad) and Union Station (best burgers around!).  I enjoy golfing and reading about real estate. I hope to pursue a career in real estate one day. I am a board member for Aaron’s Acres Organization and serve on their development committee.

Q: Have you ever modeled before? If not, tell readers one thing you like most about yourself—something of which you are proud.

Claudia: I have never modeled before. I’m proud of my ties to my family and my culture. I am Nicaraguan and it’s a country I love to visit as often as I can.

Scott: No, I have never modeled before. If I had to pick one thing I like about myself it would be that I have an identical twin. Although we no longer look exactly alike now that we are older, it’s pretty cool knowing I have a twin.

Q: How do you generally spend your days?

Claudia: For the last year I have been, generally, spending my days working on a vegetable farm and orchard. I work outside planting and harvesting a variety of vegetables or picking and sorting tree fruit (mainly apples and Asian pears). Since I have access to all of this fresh food, I also spend a lot of time cooking and baking.

Scott: I work at DAS distributors as an account manager so that fills most of my day. Outside of work I enjoy spending my free time with my fiancé Aileen and my family and friends.  I also am a board member for Aaron’s Acres.

Q: If you we’re a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Claudia: Definitely the ability to breathe underwater. I’m was raised in Miami Beach and this superpower would have come in handy mostly for selfish reasons though, not for being a hero. If I really wanted to be a superhero, my superpower would be to self-heal so I can do very daring things

Scott: My superpower would be the ability to fly.

Q: How are you associated with the magazine? What is your favorite thing about FLL? 

Claudia: Chris Ruch, who works at the magazine, happened to be at a farm event I was working. He asked if I was interested in modeling for FLL. It sounded kinda fun and fancy, so I said yes. Being a non-native Pennsylvanian, I’ve grown very fond of Lancaster County and FLL reminds me of this adopted place that I love.

Scott: FLL is an exciting way to stay current on what’s going on in Lancaster. That is what originally attracted me to the magazine. I am also friends with Nicole Patterson.