The “Pop” Art World

The “Pop” Art World

JamesBrook_SlideshowJames Garnett Brook is an original free spirit of the “pop” art world. With micro-specs of Beauchamp, Dali & Warhol rambling around in his DNA, I fully expect his work to be displayed some day in a prominent New York or LA gallery.

I asked James what success meant to him. He answered, “Success to me is still being able to make my wife laugh, making sure my daughter, Grace, is happy and fed, and helping other artists to develop and promote their art.”

When asked if that meant owning his own gallery, he smiled and said, “that would be nice too.” I also asked James what he hoped his legacy would be. “I hope I am remembered as a man who tried to simply live an earnest life.”

Wherever James gets his inspiration from, he will continue his unknown journey with the kind of lust and pain one draws upon to express themselves. I believe great artists are not affected by the opinions of their admirers.

The satisfaction that completes the artist is the act itself of unleashing emotion from mind to hand.