Jill and Bonnie’s Electrolysis

Jill and Bonnie’s Electrolysis

JillBonnies04When Jill Sherman moved to Lancaster with her husband, Michael, her mother in law sparked the idea of practicing electrolysis. “She’s always right, so here I am years later,” Jill says with a smile.

Jill, who has always had an open mind to learning new and enjoyable skills, began researching the profession. She enrolled at the Lancaster school of cosmetology after graduating from the University of Maryland.  At the time, the only schools that were teaching the course was in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Lancaster … so she said it must have been “meant to be.” Completely falling head over heels in love with electrolysis, she was in her early 20s at the time when she graduated. The start of her business occurred rather quickly and has only progressed since. “I graduated on Friday  and opened my business on Monday,” Jill explains. “The location was perfect because before I moved in, it had already been an electrolysis office.” Jill’s partner in the business, Bonnie, has expertise in permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal at a separate location off of Harrisburg Pike by the health campus.


Now, 27 years later, Jill loves every minute of her job. She enjoys working extra hours just to get the job done and to gain more expertise. What she loves the most, however, is making every single client feel better. She constantly has clients tell her that they finally walk down the street with their chin up, smiling, and can look others in the eye with confidence and grace.

JillBonnies03When I walked into my interview with Jill, I knew very little about electrolysis. She is very knowledgeable about the field she practices within, and was so passionate about making others feel better about themselves. She explained to me that tweezing the hairs along your your chin and neck is a bad idea. When you tweeze, you bring your blood supply to the surface of your skin, thus making it red. But, it also stimulates hair growth to come back, “with friends,” as Jill says, laughing. Tweezing other areas can also be a bad idea as it makes the job more challenging (though not impossible) for the electrologist — the hair will still be removed permanently with great success.

Shaving is an acceptable method of hair removal, but all of the little hairs in between that previously went unnoticed will come back thicker. Although electrolysis takes time, the process of regrowth is being permanently removed as hair germ cells are destroyed with electrical current (hair germ cells attach themselves to hair and keep your hairs alive). Upon the first electrolysis attempt, the hair is weakened and starts growing in finer and finer until it is destroyed. The time frame for this is different for every client.

So, if you have unwanted hairs on your chin, brows, upper lip, neck, or any other problem area, be sure to visit Jill Sherman at her office! She will be more than happy to help make you feel beautiful again.

Jill & Bonnie’s Electrolysis
1689 Crown Avenue, Lancaster PA
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