Home & Living: John Spidaliere

Home & Living: John Spidaliere

— From the Pages of FLL #36 • Photo by Will Marks

John Spidaliere walks into the café, poised and friendly. His attire is topped off with a striped vintage bowtie, and his hair is perfectly coiffed. John, who sells commercial and residential real estate at Puffer Morris, is a family man first and foremost.

“Family is very important to me,” John says with a smile. “Honestly, outside of work, my life is focused around my family and friends. We have a very tight social circle.” Aside from planning a wedding with his fiancé, Alaina, he is raising two teenage daughters, Bronte and Samira. In fact, right before he arrived he had been baking cupcakes for his daughter’s 13th birthday from scratch.

Beginning his career at Puffer Morris is the best thing that’s ever happened, according to John. A professional agency, Puffer Morris employs realtors who are extremely knowledgeable regarding real estate, but also personable. “They don’t just put a sign in your yard and walk away,” John says. “It’s a personal service. Working with a group of agents who care personally about their customers means the world to me.”

Lancaster is a town where almost everyone knows one another, wherein true friendships and relationships flourish. To John, buying and selling a home is a collaborative process. It takes more than just a motivated buyer; it is imperative for a real estate agent to keep his clients informed and to allow buyers to take on an equally important role in the purchase of their new home.

John recently attended classes to become a real estate broker and is currently studying real estate law. He truly loves everything about his job. “The most challenging part of my job is keeping my desk clean,” John laughs.

John actually spent over a decade with Lancaster Newspaper as a reporter, with the bulk of his career spent covering Lancaster city. Through this, he built many of the connections he refers to in his real estate work.

“When I was a reporter, I built an intimate relationship with the city. It translates to my work. I love it here. This is… this is home.” Feeling truly at home is important to John Spidaliere, and he wants nothing but the same for you.

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