Celebrate July’s First Friday at The Ware Center

Celebrate July’s First Friday at The Ware Center

— Friday, July 1, 2016 at the Ware Center, Lancaster, PA


ANN YEAGER LAWSON hails from Lancaster County from a strong lineage of very accomplished artists, including her mother, Linda Benton McCloskey, and her great-great uncle Thomas Hart Benton, who taught and mentored Jackson Pollock. Ann found her passion for art in one of her mother’s art classes. Her mother, an accomplished artist and art teacher, was teaching an experimental mixed media art class, and it was there that Ann fell in love with art.

Ann works in acrylic, cold wax and oil, encaustic (hot wax and oil), and literally anything that can add texture to her canvas, including charcoal, pastels, modeling paste, and tar gels. She believes abstract art is endless in its possibilities, and infinite in design.

Ann is an artist in residency at the Millworks in Harrisburg, PA. She has received a number of accolades, including a “Second Best in Show” at the Art Association of Harrisburg, and was published in the International Contemporary Artists publication.

July 2016 FF Morning Flight LMcCloskeyABOUT THE MCCLOSKEYS 

LINDA BENTON MCCLOSKEY, like any creative person, knows that the process of creating art comes from deep within, in the unfettered field of intuition, where an idea rises to the surface in its need to be expressed.

“I paint because not to paint is unthinkable. Painting completes me and truly is my life’s passion. A new work is begun without a preconceived outcome in mind. I simply begin painting and then intuition, love, desire, and experience take over. In this dream-like state, I give way to the process –eventually seeing and responding to shapes, forms, and movements, and they are developed further… regardless of the result, the painting takes me to a new and unexpected destination.”

Linda’s art is influenced by the impulsive approach of many abstract expressionists. Discovering creative ways of expression and keeping traditional rules of painting out of the picture are priorities for her. While varying her palette of colors and approaches, recent works are mostly water-media, encaustic, cold wax, and oil with lots of texture and color. Diversity, with all its fascinating choices, is evident in her work.

Linda’s work has won her dozens of awards internationally, nationally, and regionally. She has exhibited her work in numerous juried shows, cultural centers, museums, galleries, and universities.

BOB MCCLOSKEY started painting in 2001 when he joined his wife in an art class. A patriot and retired social studies teacher, Bob has a great love for his country and its history. He is inspired by the symbols of America and its many heroes. “The more I paint, the more dedicated I become,” he says.

Bob’s paintings are unique, most of them on historical parchment reproductions. “I match the document to my subject,” he explains. “My goal is to convey to the viewer my love of history and the proud heritage we share in this great country of ours.” One example of this is his painting of Lincoln on a reproduction of the Gettysburg Address.

Bob worked with the late Tom Lovell who is internationally known and the official artist at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg. Bob’s work has been exhibited in many locations, including the Pennsylvania State Capitol and the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg.