Vote for Keli Celot: Candidate for the Manheim Township School Board

Vote for Keli Celot: Candidate for the Manheim Township School Board

Meet Keli Celot.

Keli lives in Manheim Township School District wherein her children attend school. Due to a resignation on the Manheim Township School Board this past summer, Keli is running for a special two-year term. “I got in a little late, but I’m all in. I’m so excited,” she says during our interview.

Keli has a daughter in third grade and a son in fifth grade within the district, holds PTO positions at her childrens’ schools, and helps with her daughter’s Girl Scout troop. She believes her passion for involvement within the school system gives her a great advantage, wherein she understands the needs of the school and its teachers and students, and is ready to move forward to make impactful changes.

Keli Celot is in the know when it comes to issues of discontentment amongst Manheim Township residents and parents of students attending the schools.

“I was not born and raised in Manheim Township. However, I moved to Manheim Township because of the incredible reputation at the time. It was the school to send your children to,” Keli remembers. However, according to Keli, other school districts are now coming out on top. “We are losing new residents to other school districts,” Keli says.

So, how does this affect you? Keli is also a Realtor working locally in the Lancaster area for Lusk & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty. Maybe you live in Manheim Township but don’t have children. However, the reputation of the school district you live in has a huge effect on your property value. Strong schools yield strong property values; if you own property in a school district, you want the school district to also have a great reputation because it benefits you in the long run.

Keli sees necessary changes through her involvement in the community, and would like to instill two big changes within the school system.

First and foremost, Keli is passionate about supporting teachers in their classrooms. She believes more of our resources should be allocated to classrooms and programs so teachers have what they need in order to better educate our students. “One of the issues I feel strongest about is that we cannot cut programs from school. Schools are cutting programs like art, music, and Spanish immersion.” To Keli, this is an unacceptable choice to take these programs away. Not only do these classes expose children to areas which may not otherwise be presented to them, but they also serve as a creative outlet.

“When children have a creative outlet, it helps them focus in other areas. Not having any type of release after long hours of studying can affect them negatively,” Keli explains. Art, music, and other special programs help to create a well-rounded student. If Keli Celot is voted in, she will work towards providing the students in Manheim township plenty of educational opportunities, and to help teachers become a well-supported group of important individuals.

Secondly, Keli believes that less time should be spent teaching the children “to the test.” Before the week of standardized testing, many teachers take weeks to prepare their students. “I remember when I was in school, teachers would prepare us just a week, or even less, beforehand,” Keli remembers. Students learn in a variety of different ways, and Keli Celot stresses the importance of successfully reaching students through their varied learning processes. “We need to teach more to the child and less to the test,” Keli explains.

Finally, if Keli is elected, she will push for transparency within our local government. Keli is aware of legal fees and other tax dollars being spent, but the community has little knowledge regarding what this money is spent on.

If you vote for her, Keli Celot promises to channel her passion for the well-being of students, teachers, the school, and residents of Manheim Township, bringing positive changes to our community.