Q&A with Kristen Fritsch, Illustrator

Q&A with Kristen Fritsch, Illustrator


Kristen Fritsch • photo by Bianca Cordova

Fine Living Lancaster: What is your favorite restaurant?

Kristen Fritsch (KF): Kanela in Philly. I recommend the stuffed squid. Rachel’s Creperie in downtown Lancaster. I recommend the breakfast burrito crepe. I also like that there are always people at Prince Street Café.

Fine Living Lancaster: What is your favorite vacation spot?

KF: My grandparents’ house on the lake. My grandma has a big garden and their house is filled with things from all their travels. I always feel better when I’m there.

Fine Living Lancaster: Do you collect anything?

KF: I collect books. I have way, way, way too many books. I was at DogStar the other day and found a big, beautiful illustrated book of Chaucer with these gorgeous engraved illustrations. I have not regretted purchasing it.

Fine Living Lancaster: Do you have a theme song to your life? Or a favorite band/musician?

KF: St. Vincent and Chopin.

Fine Living Lancaster: What was your favorite childhood character/story?

KF: Beauty and the Beast. Belle had an awesome library. She seemed like the most relatable of all the Disney characters.

Fine Living Lancaster: What do you like most about Lancaster?

KF: It’s a cleaner, smaller version of Philadelphia. You always have that sense of attachment to your hometown. I want to help the city grow into a culture and I want to be a part of that.

For more information on Kristen Fritsch, read issue #30 of Fine Living Lancaster magazine and check out ThursdayIllustration.com • Email Kristen at fritschillustration@gmail.com.