Lancaster Bar Olympics

Lancaster Bar Olympics

An E♭, G♭ & B♭ walk into a bar, and the bartender says … “I’m sorry. We don’t serve minors.”
(Silence.) (Crickets chirping.)

It’s okay, I’m used to that. But, I tried.

Many of us are so used to seeing our favorite bartenders from the waist up only, mixing cocktails and pouring drinks for us behind a wooden bar. But on Sunday, January 31 at 6 p.m., we will get to see our favorite service industry superstars in a different light.

Fine Living Lancaster magazine will be hosting Lancaster’s first ever Bar Olympics at TellUs360. You won’t want to miss this, readers. For just $5 (which will be given to charity), you can come watch the fun and excitement of Lancaster bartenders, servers, hostesses, and owners battling against one another’s strength and agility. As a guest, you’ll witness several games played against one another (which we are keeping secret), along with the final karaoke tournament.

A panel including staff members of Fine Living Lancaster magazine and other locals will sit back and judge the competition.

What does the winner get? Actually, it’s more of a question of what the losers get. All the losing teams will spend a weekend wearing “I lost to (Insert Name of Winner Here) at the Bar Olympics” shirts while working at their respective jobs … Ouch!

Game on!

Emily Truman, a Millersville graduate with a degree in Psychology, has edited nursing textbooks for almost 5 years. She has been editing for FLL since the working stages of Issue 32. Aside from editing work, Emily also makes pies with unique fillings and flavor combinations, as well as repurposed clothing and jewelry. She loves spending quality time with friends, her family, and her bulldog Ozzy.