Lancaster Bar Olympics

Lancaster Bar Olympics

An E♭, G♭ & B♭ walk into a bar, and the bartender says … “I’m sorry. We don’t serve minors.”
(Silence.) (Crickets chirping.)

It’s okay, I’m used to that. But, I tried.

Many of us are so used to seeing our favorite bartenders from the waist up only, mixing cocktails and pouring drinks for us behind a wooden bar. But on Sunday, January 31 at 6 p.m., we will get to see our favorite service industry superstars in a different light.

Fine Living Lancaster magazine will be hosting Lancaster’s first ever Bar Olympics at TellUs360. You won’t want to miss this, readers. For just $5 (which will be given to charity), you can come watch the fun and excitement of Lancaster bartenders, servers, hostesses, and owners battling against one another’s strength and agility. As a guest, you’ll witness several games played against one another (which we are keeping secret), along with the final karaoke tournament.

A panel including staff members of Fine Living Lancaster magazine and other locals will sit back and judge the competition.

What does the winner get? Actually, it’s more of a question of what the losers get. All the losing teams will spend a weekend wearing “I lost to (Insert Name of Winner Here) at the Bar Olympics” shirts while working at their respective jobs … Ouch!

Game on!