Lancaster Genesis presents 2017 FLL Innovator Awards

Lancaster Genesis presents 2017 FLL Innovator Awards

We are proud to have Lancaster Genesis as the presenting sponsor of the 2017 Fine Living Lancaster Innovator Awards.

Proud, both because the Lancaster County Motors family of dealerships has always been on the leading edge of customer service in general, and because the Genesis brand fits so perfectly with our Innovator Awards message.

The Genesis brand brings an incredible level of comfort, performance, and luxury to Lancaster in the form of the G80. Available in varying trim levels and in both two wheel and four wheel drive options, the G80 is at the cutting edge of safety technology. Optional systems can detect a presence in your blind spot, help keep you in your lane, and even apply the brakes for you if need be. These are just a few examples of the available safety systems in the Genesis G80.


Genesis also innovates in luxury and comfort. Slip behind the wheel, close the door, and the world around you evaporates as outside sounds are kept at bay by the superior design and construction of the G80. Buckle up, load your favorite sounds into the available Lexicon 7.1 Discrete Surround Sound Audio System, put the car in drive, and let the up to 420 horsepower engine take you to speed, both quickly and in style.


We’ll be telling you more about Lancaster Genesis and the G80 as the Innovator Awards approach. We’re betting that by the time the awards happen on January 31st, there is a great chance you will be driving to them… in a Genesis.

Know someone who challenges the status quo? Someone who goes against the norms to come up with new ideas, products, methods, solutions, etc? Nominate them for the 2017 Fine Living Lancaster  Innovator Award!

All photos from Genesis