Lancaster Symphony Orchestra: A New Season, Widening the Community Outreach

Lancaster Symphony Orchestra: A New Season, Widening the Community Outreach

Dr-L-Subramanian_smallLancaster Symphony Orchestra is gearing up for a fine season indeed. On September 12, 2015, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra will launch their world-influenced program. An exceptional fact about this series is that each concert has some type of Lancaster influence.

“The season is dedicated to the audience in Lancaster as a ‘thank you,'” says Rosemarie Macrina, the Marketing Manager of Lancaster Symphony Orchestra.

sym-covers-september-chocolate-2-page-001The composers of each performance will be attending almost all of the six classic concerts in the “Classical Concert Series.” The “Chocolate Symphony” has connected with Miesse candy for their event. Each of the four movements will be paired with a specific candy, including salted caramel, dark chocolate, buttercream, and mint. As you listen, the maestro tells you which piece of candy to each as you indulge in the beautiful sounds of the symphony.

Nati2Nati Draiblate, originally from Israel but now living in Lancaster, is the concert master and an up-and-coming star. You can experience his talents in the classic concert called “Monumental.” In “Mozart Meets the Tango,” the captivating quintet QuinTango will pair music with dancing. During the “American Sampler,” an award is given to an up and coming composer. Lancaster Symphony Orchestra is one of the few symphonies in the world to give out this award, and have been doing so for 70 years or so.


HeroesVillainsBeginning September 19, 2015, the “Special Concert Series” begins. Partnering with Millersville University, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra will be supplying the music for an on-campus venue.  The first concert of the series will be held at the Winter Center, called “Heroes and Villains.” This fun, family-friendly concert will showcase music from popular movies such as Star Wars, Frozen, The Wizard of Oz, and  Evita.

WillAnthonynew-photoLater in the season, the Nunziata brothers (who have appeared on Good Morning America, and have been featured in the Huffington Post) will be singing broadway tunes for a special audience.

Godfather-Live-artPartnering with The American Music Theater, a small group of musicians from Lancaster Symphony Orchestra will be playing music for a scene from The Godfather in “The Godfather LIVE!” The movie will be playing on a movie screen in high definition.

cirquemusicaOther exciting features are “Passion and Redemption,” happening over Halloween weekend, where audience members are encouraged to dress in costume as it is a masquerade ball-themed event. For New Years Eve, “Cirque Musica” features circus acts with music, a very popular event in town.

Kavita-Krishnamurti-SubramaniamThe “From Bollywood to Concerto” event is not just a concert, but an Indian cultural event as well. The Lancaster Symphony Orchestra will be partnering with the Indian community in Lancaster. An Indian festival is in the works to help bring the community together.

IMG_2982-LukaszLancaster Symphony Orchestra hosts a Music Discovery program which reaches over 10,000 students each year by exposing them to music. “Lancaster Symphony Orchestra is not your ordinary symphony orchestra. Our partnerships with other community members widens the spectrum of the type of music we perform, reaching a larger audience,” says Rosemarie.

Christopher-Shih-12Visit to see their 2015-2016 schedule.