Leon Bridges at the Fillmore

Leon Bridges at the Fillmore

81nj3a+P0aL._SL1500_The FLL Creative Team took a trip to The Fillmore on Sunday March 6 to see Leon Bridges (with Son Little). Here’s some of the team’s favorite things from the show:


  • Favorite Song: “Coming Home”
  • Favorite part of the show: I absolutely could not stop looking at Leon’s outfit and the rest of the band’s style. Leon was wearing a beautiful emerald green suit jacket with a pink handkerchief and tie. But those pants. His pants were completely era-appropriate for his genre of music. It was amazing. Most stars these days wear fitted, skinny slacks. Leon wore baggy, high wasted, pleated slacks that swayed with his charming dance moves.
  • Why I’ll return to the Fillmore: 1. The VIP box seats we had were perfect. Watching the crowd enjoy the music with such ease and excitement and having the perfect view of Leon and his band beneath the massive crystal chandeliers that changed colors as the stage lights gradated was pretty awesome. 2. Their music selection is immensely impressive. The connections they’ve made with unique musicians is really cool. I can’t wait to go back!


  • Favorite Song: “Coming Home”
  • Favorite part of the show/music: Leon’s dancing across the stage and his stellar vocals
  • 3 reasons why the Fillmore rules: Killer VIP section, industrial look to the design, those chandeliers!


  • Favorite song: “Pull Away”
  • Favorite part of the show: The lighting was beautiful and both band’s music was infectious.
  • Why I’ll return to the Fillmore: The immersive atmosphere and friendly customer service.


  • Favorite Song: “Smooth Sailin'”
  • Favorite part of show: Great band and… Leon can move!!
  • Why I’ll return to the Fillmore: Fantastic seating, great staff, and sound system is superior.