Letter From The Editor

Letter From The Editor

It happens every year, and yet as the first days of sweater weather, warm lattés, candy and costumes turn to feasts of gratitude, evergreen decorations and gifts that abound, the upcoming months never seem to lose their special magic.

Thanksgiving is always my favorite of the bunch, for reasons that should be obvious (I disclosed in the last issue how much of a “foodie” I am). There’s no worrying about getting or giving, it’s just an evening just to appreciate what you already have. The best part about cooking Thanksgiving dinner is being able to say: “Here is what there is. Eat, hopefully enjoy, but this is what you’re getting.” Ah, a great equalizer. Halloween is a close second, simply because I do love to see the munchkins running around in costumes. They’re always so adorable and fun as they collect their parent-sanctioned treats. Plus, you know, the leftover candy that always seems to end up at our house.

I like these two because there is no divide or notable discussion over them. You know the drill, so you just relax and enjoy. No (or at least, not much) pressure. To me, that’s what the holiday season should be: relaxing and fun.

And that’s exactly what we hoped to embody in this issue of FLL. We decided to release the holiday edition earlier than normal, and we hope that what you find in here will help you with everything from surviving cold weather to cooking big meals, giving “experiences” over things, as always, Lancaster style.

In the following pages, you’ll find holiday meals crafted by two of Lancaster’s finest chefs, instructions on how to go about enacting a “minimalist holiday,” a batch of old family traditions to help you beat your annual cold, some ideas for making unique children’s gifts at home, a coffee guide to the city for when you need to bundle up and grab your seasonal drink of choice, and a very special gift guide featuring some of Lancaster’s best independent artisans and entrepreneurs.

We wish you a successful, relaxing, loving and Fine holiday season. Just be sure to follow the weather when you are in the throes of the holiday rush… just chill.

MARK PONTZ- Editor in Chief

Mark has over twenty-two years in mortgage lending experience. He has helped literally thousands of people with the process of home financing. Your calls and questions are always welcome to Mark. It is his pleasure to assist you with your mortgage needs.