Letter From The Editor

Letter From The Editor

Written by Mark Pontz  

Some people hate the term “foodie.” What is a foodie, anyway? It’s technically a noun: someone keenly interested in great quantities or varieties of food, particularly eating, cooking or experimenting with them. I looked the term up on Urban Dictionary for fun, but the definition there was a little too biting to print (pun intended).

I digress. To me, a foodie is simply someone who enjoys food culture, whether it be cooking, dining out or exploring new food trends. If you enjoy a perfectly buttered poached shrimp dish just as much as a great taco from a food truck, well my friend, you’re probably more of a foodie than you think.

Lancaster is most certainly a town where local foodies can find their niche. The city has gotten national press attention for it’s dining, some dubbing it the “new Brooklyn.” In downtown alone, there are a host of fantastic coffee spots (let’s not even get into the debate of which is “best,” we’ll be here all day) fantastic culture-specific restaurants with reservations regularly booked solid, and multiple pizza joints serving everything from the classic slice to specialty gourmet brick oven fired dishes. (The criteria for a “foodie town” is definitely to have more than one wood-fire brick oven around!)

Of course, we also can’t forget the craft cocktails. There are so many hot spots to enjoy elegant, unique libations, created with master artistry and the finest spirits available. If you’re more of a draft beer person, there are bars that serve anywhere from 6 to 100 taps! If you’d rather stay local, Lancaster is also home to a solid selection of breweries (yet another opportunity for debate great debate amongst those with clear favorites).

The thing about being a foodie town is that it is not just about food, it is about community, and that’s what sets Lancaster apart. The happiest moments in life are always accompanied by loved ones gathering for a meal. Celebrations both mundane and extraordinary always include favorite hors d’oeuvres and dishes, taking family and friends out to eat, or sharing the beloved recipes of an enthusiastic home cook. Food, to me, equals friendship and love.

FLL has always been about food. We have had Food Fight in every issue since almost the beginning and it remains one of our most popular features. Fun Dining with Dennis & Michelle (although renamed over time from the original Dinner with The Breakfast Club) is also a staple feature since the very early times of our publication, and shows consistent popularity in every issue. So as we continue into our eleventh year, it seems time to have our first, official “food issue.” In these pages, you’ll find your favorites of course, and a whole bunch of new and delicious dishes and ideas for your inner, or outer, foodie. Because you know it, you’re a foodie, and I’m a foodie too. (But not the kind from Urban Dictionary… that’s just mean.)