Letter From the Managing Editor

Letter From the Managing Editor

First of all, let me start off by saying how excited I am to be working as the Managing Editor on this issue of FLL for the second summer in a row! What a fun, rewarding, and informative job this is— the second time really is the charm.

Different from my time working with the FLL team last year, however, is that the magazine you hold in your hands just happens to be our second-ever political issue! For a political communication major who truly loves American politics (seriously, The West Wing is a treasure of a television show and I still wear my favorite campaign t-shirt from the 2008 election on a weekly basis), this was an awesome opportunity to bring the best of the 2016 presidential race to our readers.

We made sure to maintain a balance in our reporting—for every piece we asked a Republican to contribute, we have something else from a Democrat. Hey, we even have a moderate voice calling for more independent voters in an editorial on page 109. The point of the Fine Living Lancaster  political issue is not to push our own agenda, but rather to inform you all—the voters of central Pennsylvania and beyond—so that when you head to the polls on November 8th, you can make an educated decision which sits well with your heart, your gut, and your brain.

One thing I can say for sure (especially after working with so many smart, hopeful candidates and others involved in politics) is that I see a bright future ahead of us here in the U.S. No matter how crazy this election season gets, I truly believe that we are a country built on openness and on justice and freedom for all. Have we ever hoped to be a country that builds walls? That pushes aside those who need the most help? We all have a right to achieve the “American dream,” the dream of a good life for our families and ourselves that is so well-known around the world. The United States is meant to be a country of opportunity for all people, and even if we have sometimes forgotten that in the past, even if we have struggled to create that equality, even if we continue to struggle every single day—well, I believe in us to make the right choice, to be open minded, open hearted, and work towards true equality for all.

Another exciting note for this issue: we are thrilled to announce that this is our very first special double cover edition! In keeping with our aim to present both sides of the political spectrum, Issue 39 will have two distinct covers—one featuring Christina Hartman, a Democrat running for U.S. Congress in PA’s 16th District, and the other featuring Scott Martin, a Republican running for State Senate in PA’s 13th District. You can get to know both of these candidates in our Lunch and (now introducing, for this issue, at least!) Dinner features.

I hope you enjoy the spoils of our work for the past few months! Not only enjoy, but also learn something, be open-minded, and perhaps even surprise yourself with a newly discovered opinion. And remember to vote on November 8th! It’s not just a right; it’s a very fine responsibility.

Recent GW School of Media & Public Affairs alumna. Passionate storyteller. Avid podcast listener & NYT Best Seller reader. Lover of flowery writing, sad music & strong coffee.