The Brews of Liquid Hero

The Brews of Liquid Hero

“It’s like a light of a new day, It hit me from out of the blue. Breaking me out of the spell I was in, making all of my wishes come true.”

– “Believe it or Not” lyrics by Stephen Geyer
(Theme from ‘The Greatest American Hero’)

— OR that feeling you get when you first try a really good beer.

A fine thing in brewing is happening across the river in York. A trio of avid homebrewers opened Liquid Hero at 50 East North Street, right beside the York Revolution ballpark.

The flagship brew at Liquid Hero is called American Hero (5.6% ABV). Is it the “Greatest American Hero?” I couldn’t tell you, because it was not available when I visited. This will all be remedied soon because brewery expansion is underway.

Co-owner Matt DePrato calls the Schweet Ale (5.2% ABV) a “gateway beer.” This strawberry wheat sure is sweet and packed full of serious strawberry flavor. I think if you could make a black and tan with this and Spring House’s Lil’ Gruesome (peanut butter and jelly stout) it might be the most amusing beer ever. Pack me this PB&J and I’ll be a happy worker every day!

Adam’s Stout (4.8% ABV) is a throwback to the days when homebrewers Matt DePrato, Christian Quinlivan, and Josh Hoke (who now own Liquid Hero) were approached by another homebrewing buddy, Adam Smith, for help with a stout recipe. The brew was affectionately referred to as Adam’s stout by the beginners; the name stuck and the beer is now a staple at Liquid Hero.

The It’s-Not-a-Typo award goes to “Freigt Hose” (as it was intentionally misspelled the day I visited for the reason of just being funny).  Freight House (5.4% ABV) is a classic porter with a functional acidity, which leaves a nice flavor in the mouth. “It’s a straight forward porter. You should get a lot more chocolate malt taste out of this beer than our stout,” says Christian. “The stout has more of a toasted flavor.”

Back to anger the writers and teachers—just like the Freigt Hose—is Irregardless (6.2% ABV).  Yes, they know it is not a word, but the guys at Liquid Hero just want to have fun. This IPA is maltier than standard varieties and I kind of like it that way. It’s a keeper. “The name is a great conversation starter,” says Christian. “People come in and get mad, or they try and explain it’s not a word. We know. It’s just for fun.”

Other Liquid Hero brews include: HeroWeizen (5.8% ABV), this award winner is described as having a subtle banana and clove taste; Red Horn Ale (5.2% ABV) is described as a full-bodied Irish red with a big grain impact; Hop Hero (6.0%) is the brewers plaything—visitors can expect many a variant of this brew. The autumn offering is the namesake of the master brewer, Josh Hoke. Hokefest (6.2%) is a sweet pumpkin beer with a spiced finish.