Christina Diehl: Lancaster’s Homegirl Nominated for Woman of the Year

Christina Diehl: Lancaster’s Homegirl Nominated for Woman of the Year

It’s that time again for the Woman of the Year/Man of the Year campaigns, which benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. For ten entire weeks, nominated campaigners will be hosting fundraising events leading up to the Grand Finale Gala, where the winners are announced. The campaign began on March 31 and ends on June 9.

Christina Diehl, more commonly known as Lancaster’s Homegirl, was nominated by Lancaster’s first ever Woman of the Year of 2012, Lani Todd.

Lani Todd tells FLL magazine:

“As with all the candidates that I have recommended or nominated for LLS MWOY, Christina is a highly motivated business and community oriented individual who has the potential to move mountains in the LLS Man/Woman of the Year campaign.  I have known Christina for years, and have always admired how she presents herself professionally and markets her business.  I love the whole “Lancaster’s Home Girl” thing!  Such a clever, and unique way to market and brand yourself as a Real Estate agent.

I believe that kind of marketing and branding are what makes for a very successful MWOY campaign.  To run for Man\Woman of the year, you must be highly motivated, somewhat competitive, and able to enlist others to help you.  Right away, Christina showed her ability to be and do all of those things.  I honestly did not know how involved in the community Christina is until we sat down to talk about MWOY a couple months ago. After hearing about how many different organizations she supports and volunteers for, I knew she would be so great for this.

Christina has a very big heart and a ton of drive. That’s what it takes to do this, and I couldn’t be happier that she’s accepting the nomination and is putting her all into fighting cancer!”

The nominees are the “movers and shakers” of our county. They are innovative, creative, and consistently give back to our gracious community. Christina has put together a team of eight individuals who will stand by her through the next ten weeks of campaigning.

How can you help? FLL will be covering these events for you to look forward to, readers!

During each week of the campaign, there will be a new incentive. For instance, whichever team sells the most Grand Finale tickets this week gets an extra $1,000 added to their total. Keep your eyes peeled for these special incentives, and other events such as a kickball tournament, a wine pairing dinner, and more!