A Suds-stantial Business Model

A Suds-stantial Business Model

lyesLathers3— From the pages of FLL#37 / Fiscal Thinking #3 • Photo by Will Marks

Jena Milakovic, founder of craft soap company Lyes and Lathers, is a foodie at heart. Something she realized as she began creating her soaps is that the chemical reactions within soapmaking are parallel to those in foods. Jena actually went to culinary school, and making soap combines her love and expertise in both chemistry and art.

“I love creating with my own hands,” Jena says. “I touch everything I put out for sale.” Although Jena loves working for herself and collaborating with other artists (like the found wood soap dishes she made with her friend Phil), she does face some challenges.

lyesLathers2Deciding where her profit should be spent can be challenging, and because she works from home on her chemistry lab soapstone countertop, she finds it hard to officially clock out. Keep your eyes peeled for Lyes and Lathers; Jena’s success is steadily growing and there is no stopping her now.

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