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How Lancaster Feels About  The New Grocery Scene

How Lancaster Feels About The New Grocery Scene

In the next year or so, the grocery store scene in Lancaster County is going to be radically different, and residents have a lot of mixed opinions about it. Though some people are beyond excited to see their longtime favorites like Whole Foods stocking shelves at the Shoppes at Belmont, others are concerned that it may take away from the smaller businesses Lancaster prides itself on supporting. In an effort to better understand where people stand, we polled our readers about what they’re most excited to see, what they’re nervous about, and what their current favorites are as it stands. The answers, we found, were almost surprising!


What’s your current Lancaster favorite?
89% say Giant is their current favorite
11% say Weis is their favorite 

-“Neither, Stauffers 100%”

Which new store are you most excited about?
47% more excited for Whole Foods
53% more excited for Wegman’s

What would you rather see next?
96% would rather see Trader Joe’s next
4% would rather see Publix

Are you happy about all of the new options coming to town?
“We are worried! Us little shops can’t compete with big box stores.”  
“Yes! Lots of organic choices and new products to try.” 

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