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The Beginning Of A New Era For David Wilson

The Beginning Of A New Era For David Wilson

David Wilson’s New EP, “After the Rain,” Marks The Beginning Of A New Era For The Local Musician

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If you’re looking for the perfect highway companion for your next road trip, you’ll find it in singer/songwriter David Wilson’s newest EP, “After the Rain.” Wilson’s earnest vocals reminiscent of Jim Croce and James Taylor are infused with nostalgia, taking listeners back to a simpler time and place.

Starting from humble beginnings, Wilson recalls learning to play on an acoustic guitar his aunt purchased at Goodwill for $5. He can remember “messing around” on the guitar when he was 10 years old in his grandfather’s living room – a room filled with melodies of old country music. Music that would go on to inspire this local singer/songwriter’s original work.

Wilson, now 28, has had his fair share of musical accomplishments. When he was just 20 years old, he opened for the classic rock band Kansas, performing for a crowd of over 2,000 people. He would later open for nationally renowned artists: Bess Rogers, Doug Paisley, Sister Hazel, Sonia Leigh, and The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band.

However, the biggest accomplishment for Wilson has been having his music on the radio. “The first time it happened it was this really cool feeling of how ever many people listening at the same time as you. In that moment, we were connected,” said Wilson.  His music has been featured on Philadelphia, PA's 88.5FM WXPN and Pittsburgh, PA's 91.3FM WYEP. His songs "Railroad Man" and "Simple Mind (The Student Loan Song)" were chosen as Philly Local Pick of the Day on Philadelphia's 88.5FM WXPN.

Prior to his most recent EP, David released his first solo acoustic album in 2015 titled, “Songs from Wood Street,” which he explains was actually recorded in his friend’s attic. This would be followed by his next EP, “Black Top Road,” which was released in 2016.  

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His newest venture is an experiment in collaboration and an evolution of his sound. Seven locally-tied artists, including Mike Bitts (bass guitar), Adam Nicodemus (drums & percussion), Steve Davis (lead guitar), Dave Pedrick (mandolin and banjo), Lynn Royer (harmonies), and Matt Wilson (organ & harmonies) all contributed.

Wilson decided to play under the pseudonym, Bailey Run as an homage to his family’s Christmas Tree Farm in Chester County. “My grandma’s house she grew up in is near that farm. The landscapes of that area are peaceful and deeply tied to my family’s upbringing.” Wilson said. Wilson’s family ties run deep throughout this EP, with his brother collaborating on the organ and harmonies and his father, local watercolorist, Steve Wilson, creating the album’s cover art.

The EP features new, laid-back tunes such as “You and I Together on the Road,” but includes some exciting twists on his fan favorites such as “Railroad Man.” “[The latter] was a strictly an acoustic track, it was interesting to see what the other artists added to the song,” he explained as he described his enjoyment of the collaborative process with fellow musicians.

For Wilson, After the Rain’s title originated from his own process of letting go. “During recording, I was personally going through some difficult times. Releasing the album was letting go—the storm had passed.” We can’t wait to be “staring out the window watching everything unfold” for this rising local singer/songwriter who is currently working on his follow up EP with Bailey Run. You can find his music on iTunes, Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube.

By Allison Rohland

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