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What’s Hot?!

What’s Hot?!

The Best Hot Sauces For Every Flavor Palette 


The OG: Texas Pete 

This is the beginner’s hot sauce. A good introduction to spice but awesome flavor and wildly available. It’s still my favorite thing to put on pizza. 

Chef’s Best Friend: Frank’s RedHot 

This go to for cooking is perfectly mild but adds great flavor and spice to soups and stews, spaghetti sauce, and there really is no better option buffalo sauce. 

The Tried and True: Huy Fong Sriracha

There’s a reason they don’t need to advertise, when you’re the best, people spread the world. Pronounced garlic and pepper flavor with just a touch of sweetness, as well as great body. Everybody makes a knock off these days but don’t fall for it, just buy Sriracha brand with the rooster. 

El Clasico: Valentina

The only option for tacos, burritos, and anything of the sort. Nice heat, slightly tangy, and just a touch of vinegar you’ll find yourself eating this alone on chips just wondering how they make it taste so dang good. 

Tears of Joy: Yellowbird Habanero

Not for the faint of heart but worth every moment of it. Habanero with sweet citrus and carrot, it has great round flavor and the heat moves in slowly but sticks around. When this used to only be available in Austin I would have people ship me bottles wherever I was living. This just may be my favorite hot sauce of all time. 

Sugar and Spice: Mike’s Hot Honey 

Started at a pizza shop in brooklyn and that’s where it shines. Drizzle on your pizza or dip your crusts and you won’t be sorry. The balance of sweet and spicy is a one two punch that you’ll be hard pressed to stop eating. This one is also great on waffles and a makes an excellent base for honey mustard. 

By: Jordan Swartz 

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Heather Adams

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