Makes Scents: Natural Spa Line

Makes Scents: Natural Spa Line

makes-scentsIt’s been four months since the natural spa line, Makes Scents, opened its doors at 336 North Charlotte Street. Fine Living Lancaster‘s own Maddy Pontz and Emily Caneal ventured out on a warm day for the ribbon cutting. Between the tables full of natural juices, the ice cream cart, the delicious food, and the opportunities for back and hand massages, FLL‘s staff members were quite impressed.

Makes Scents products are made in small batches using top-quality natural ingredients, and are packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable containers. Examples of their ingredients are: natural exfoliants (using raw sugar, volcanic pumice, organic honey crystals, Epsom salts, and more), natural colorants (safflower, woad, nettle, leaf, and more), natural scents (100% pure essential oils, including plant and herbal essences), and eco-friendly packaging (using sustainable products without any animal testing).

The best part about Makes Scents is that their products are only sold at exclusive spas in both the United States and Canada. One of FLL‘s favorite spas at The Inn at Leola Village uses their boutique-grade products.

Makes Scents is also a proud member of the International Spa Assocation.

Congratulations on your success!!

Makes Scents Natural Spa Line
336 North Charlotte Street (Suite 100), Lancaster PA
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