Monelli Films Series: “Man With Puppet”

Monelli Films Series: “Man With Puppet”

MonelliLogoAlexander Monelli (Monelli Films) has recently made his name known with his award winning documentary, “Man With Puppet.”

“Man With Puppet” follows Robert Brock, the owner and founder of the locally famous Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre. Robert Brock not only makes all of the puppets for his shows, which include Cinderella’s Christmas, Rumpelstiltskin, and Sleeping Beauty, but he also occupies the area above the puppet theater as his home. The business is centered around family and inner expression. Alexander Monelli does an incredible job at articulating this to his audience.

You will not peel your eyes away from the screen for a single moment as you watch Robert’s story unfold.


Al and Robert still talk. A friendship grew as Al filmed Robert in his conglomeration of work studio, theater, and home. The film, which is nine minutes long, won two awards at the Lancaster Short Film Festival, including Best Documentary and Best Homegrown.


Al has always been passionate about creating documentaries. As part of his job as Video Producer and Video Production Manager at F&M College, Al spends time creating alumni and student videos. Many of them are in documentary form, telling a story and allowing the viewer to enter an alumni’s world, while also learning something about the college. The humanistic qualities which Al focuses on within his films allow the audience to truly connect with the story being offered.


Al has always had a passion for film in general, even as a child. He told me a story during our interview which was equally funny as it was revealing of the positive effects films can have on children. Al’s parents let him watch almost anything as a child. His mother even bought him a brand new copy of Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell. He watched it. But he also watched Barney and took the messages of PBS quite seriously.

“I asked my parents why they let me watch HBO and R-rated movies as a kid and they simply said, ‘I don’t know. You just liked them. You would sit there and watch them and that was it. They never had a bad effect on you.’ I’m not advocating for parents to let their kids watch anything they want but, in this case, I guess it worked. Being exposed to more mature films as a kid helped me appreciate film and the whole spectacle of it all,” Al explains.

Robert3smallIt just goes to show that nurturing your child’s interests can have a positive impact on the success during their adult life. Enjoy!

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