Meeting Moushumi – A Serendipitous Spiral

Meeting Moushumi – A Serendipitous Spiral

“I’m so not cool in real life,” 23-year-old Moushumi Chitre says, laughing. And yet her gorgeous smile immediately fills La Colombe, the rustic Philadelphia coffee shop, completely negating her humble statement.

I met Moushumi through the confusing and wonderful world of Facebook. After an exhausting and fruitless effort to find three friends willing to attend a Philadelphia concert by an artist most Lancastrians have never even heard of, I decided just hours before the show to sell my tickets online. That’s when Moushumi eagerly messaged me on Facebook, ready to purchase. Selling online always  brings a bit of hesitation, so I checked her page to make sure she was a real person.


Her profile picture was of herself standing between her parents. I clicked on it, and gasped. I recognized her immediately, and texted my friend Liz: “Dude. Moushumi from The Voice  is purchasing one of the concert tickets.” This basically evolved into a serendipitous spiral of chatting with Moushumi, downloading her entire EP “Red Like Mine” on Spotify, and scheduling an interview with her in Philadelphia.

So, here we were face-to-face. Moushumi Chitre was sitting just a foot away from me explaining how “uncool” she is in person. (She’s incredibly charming and hilarious IRL, for the record.)


Moushumi comes from a medical background, as her mother is an Occupational Therapist and her father is a Doctor. Although her parents never pushed her to pursue the medical field, she decided to go to medical school, but it only lasted for two years. “I was exploring two different directions in my life and one outweighed the other. It was music.”

She decided to take a year off to explore her passion for music. Eventually, Moushumi found herself hopping a 40-minute train into New York City every single night to perform at open mic events.

Moushumi’s musical talent was developing into something she wasn’t quite expecting. “I would say about 90 or 95 percent of the time, I’m truly a happy person. But my music has turned into something atmospheric, brooding, moody, and dark.” Writing music has been the only outlet for an otherwise inexpressible side of Moushumi’s creative mind.


Her experience on The Voice  was a rollercoaster of excitement and travelling, involving multiple auditions before making it to the Blind Audition stage. And although she didn’t make it through to the finals, Moushumi wouldn’t trade her experience on The Voice for anything.

What’s next for the lovely Miss Chitre? She is currently developing her second EP with a potential release date of this fall. Until then, you can download her music on Spotify or watch her YouTube channel.