Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar

Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar

Photos by Rachel Stauffer 

When fate finds you, do not turn away from it. Co-owners of Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar (Moira-Lazarus), Jason Pohlig and Juany Santos, found themselves in a seriously serendipitous situation which they believed would direct their future towards a positive light.

The situation went as follows:

Friend of Moira-Lazarus gets newspaper clipping for Israel’s Records in NYC > Jason realizes Israel’s Records was highlighted in indie film, Lazarus, the name he planned to give prospective record shop > Jason goes to NYC to find Israel’s Records, ends up locking eyes with a gentleman who Jason later sees  selling records outside of Whole Foods > Jason finds Israel and purchases a small amount of his collection > Jason and Juany return to NYC, and offer  while Israel is on the phone with another prospective buyer, but chooses to sell to Jason and Juany instead > Jason and Juany transport thousands of records from Brooklyn to Lancaster, and continue to collect records to fill their shop.

Now, Moira-Lazarus has filled the missing gap in downtown Lancaster as a collective arthouse, rich in collaboration and positive energy with a strong intention of bringing the community together. Moira- Lazarus brings healing through various avenues, whether through ginger or elderberry shots, elixirs and tinctures, listening parties, or yoga sessions with the community.

Healing comes first at Moira- Lazarus. Ríjuice freshly presses raw, organic ginger  on a weekly basis for the juice bar. “The ginger shots can heal those suffering from inflammation or digestive issues,” Jason explains. “They also help with muscle soreness and fight off the risk of heart disease, but mostly fight off chronic indigestion and inflammation,” Juany adds.

Sarah Preston of Radiance/ Herbs from the Labyrinth presses organic elderberries, which greatly boost the immune system. The cold weather is here, and it is a great time to take elderberry shots to prevent catching what everyone else has around you! Sarah also provides two types of healing tea for the shop: Love Your Liver (a detox for your liver after a night of drinking or getting anesthesia of any kind) and Serenity (helps lift your mood out of anxiety, depression or stress). You can stop in the shop anytime and choose from any of these healing liquids.

If you are interested in healing elixirs, tinctures, or holistic essential oils, make sure you try one of Ellister’s Elixirs. Fit for either gender, the Lymphatic Detox Scrub, Healing Salve, or Eco Coffee Scrub make a great addition to your daily care routine.

Moira-Lazarus doesn’t just sell physical, tangible healing products. In addition to offering the power of healing through sharing music, they also host listening parties for fellow music buffs, and yoga or meditation nights in the upstairs area. Utilizing various community members in the holistic field, they are taking advantage of sharing healing through methods such as yoga and meditation, movement and sound.