Spiritual & Serendipitous: The History of Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar

Spiritual & Serendipitous: The History of Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar

When Cullen Farrell of the Rijuice fam visited the meat packing district in NYC, he thought he was just checking out a vintage store with some records and heading home. However, at the vintage store (the infamous Rags-A-Gogo), Cullen came across an impressive record collection. Owner Joshua Suzanne gave Cullen a small newspaper clipping with information on it about a man by the name of Israel. Israel owned a record store in NYC as well, called Israel’s Records.

Cullen immediately sent a picture of the newspaper clipping to his friend Jason Pohlig, who had already decided that his next big project would be opening a juice bar with records called Lazarus in downtown Lancaster.

Then the serendipity started. After further exploration and research, Jason realized that Israel’s Records had been highlighted in an indie film called Lazarus, the name he planned to give the shop. Jason contacted his business partner for the shop, Juany Santos, and Jason and his girlfriend set out to Rags-A-Gogo to check out the infamous owner and her collection of goodies.

“The only way I can describe talking with her is like having a positive panic attack,” Jason laughs. Joshua Suzanne is intensely social and positive with her customers, and her happy vibes pour out of her with every connection she makes.

After visiting Rags-A-GoGo, Jason and Julie were walking into Whole Foods when Jason locked eyes with a gentleman about 20 feet away. Jason felt some kind of connection with the man, but wasn’t exactly sure why at first. When he left Whole Foods, the man he had seen was setting up records outside of the store. Jason knew he couldn’t leave New York City without seeing Israel’s Records.

The buzz of the city, the inability to find parking in traffic… the stressful energy started to get to Jason as he tried to find Israel. But Jason’s girlfriend urged him to stay peaceful and at ease.

When they finally found Israel’s Records, the shop presented itself as a stairwell leading to underground. There was a knight in shining armor with a sign pointing to the stairs. Jason and Julie proceeded, and found who Israel was. There was an instant connection between Jason and Israel, who was a man with long grey dreads, necklaces with medallion symbols on them, and an overall peaceful vibe surrounding him. While he was there, Jason offered to purchase Israel’s entire collection. Israel obliged, and even told someone on the phone who was also interested in purchasing the collection, “I’ve been talking to these guys for a  while, so I’m going to sell it to them,” even though they had literally just met. The connection was that deep in its strength.

And so, Jason and Juany purchased over 20,000 records and drove them from New York City to good old Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar now offers not only incredible, unique records, but also healing hot tea, coffee, Rijuice, juice shots, and a whole lot of happy vibes. All events held at the shop (such as their listening events) are sober events, too!

The energy you feel when walking into Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar is that of peace and happiness. “All we wanted to do was take the energy we felt in Israel’s shop, respect it, and bring it to Lancaster,” Jason says.

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