Nitro Cutting Services

Nitro Cutting Services

— Originally Published in FLL#36 • Written by Erik Carasquillo • Photos by Bianca Cordova

Powered by Herr & Sacco,
the newly minted Nitro Cutting Services

(Herr & Sacco’s sister company) specializes in laser cutting solutions for architects, designers, engineers, general contractors, fabrication facilities, and manufacturing companies throughout the northeastern United States.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]If we don’t forge ahead, we run the risk of being left behind.[/pullquote]

With an emphasis in quick turnaround times and attention to detail, the newly minted division is capable of utilizing a variety of materials—aluminum, brass, and copper, as well as mild steel and stainless steel—coupled with the enhanced precision, cutting speed, and edge quality of its equipment to fulfill client-specific requests.

Nitro Cutting Services has helped actualize Herr & Sacco’s venture into more creative projects.

From custom signs and garden ornaments to interior/exterior building add-ons and other forms of structural artistry, Nitro Cutting Services is able to put its more artistic sensibilities on display by creating personal, one-of-a-kind pieces that normally cannot be massproduced, as well as small and large volume part runs for fabrication and manufacturing companies.

Nitro Cutting Services is an extension to Herr & Sacco’s arsenal. It is a bridge merging longstanding excellence with forward thinking. Many of the core values that have allowed Herr & Sacco to maintain such a dominant industrial foothold are quite apparent in its new division.

It should be noted that the elder Herr & Sacco, Inc., originally founded in 1949, got its start as a small welding company. For over 60 years, it evolved into a renowned mechanical contractor with an emphasis in custom metal fabrication. The company has specialized in everything from the fabrication and installation of work platforms, flooring, ductwork, piping, and ventilation to conveyor belts and bulk material storage systems. Metal fabrication aside, the company has also provided abrasive blasting and industrial painting services. Due to these specialties, Herr & Sacco’s client base has varied substantially. Energy, food processing, printing, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals are just a handful of manufacturing industries the company has extensively worked with.

In 2006, with the sudden passing of then-president Jim Miller, his successor, Chris Miller, began focusing on the company’s future.

“In business, one does not always know what lies ahead, much like a covered bridge where visibility is hindered by the surrounding structure. However, we continue to cross,” says Miller. “It may be due to our curiosity or just that we need to get somewhere, but in the end, the same can be said about new business ventures. If we don’t forge ahead, we run the risk of being left behind.”

In addition to cross-training his dedicated staff, Miller sought to invest heavily into Herr & Sacco’s infrastructure, upgrading equipment and even transitioning into a state-of-the-art facility in 2009. Its current place of business, 1831 Auction Road in Manheim, has proven to be a worthwhile investment as it puts an emphasis on embracing new technology for the sake of improved efficiency, flexibility, and safety. This facility has also given the company a more significant amount of space, hence its conduciveness for taking on larger projects. These are just some of the ways the company has strived to provide its clients with cutting edge quality products from inception.

“I am honored to say that I have never worked around a finer group of individuals than I have at Herr & Sacco,” says Miller. “It’s because of these individuals that Herr & Sacco continues to be a leader in its field soon to be followed by its sister company, Nitro Cutting Services.”