No Butts About It: D&S Cigar Lounge

No Butts About It: D&S Cigar Lounge


“There are two things a man never forgets. His first love, and his first cigar.”

D&S Cigar Lounge is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month! FLL magazine got the chance to interview the “S” of D&S, Shaun Sponagle.

After three years of being in business, cigar shops can usually tell if they’ve made it big or not. D&S Cigar Lounge, now celebrating their fifth year in business, has definitely made it big. What you’ll notice when walking into the cigar lounge is the warm and welcoming décor. Co-owners Shaun and Dave decorated the entire lounge to feel classy, warm, and open to anyone who just wants to relax with a flavorful smoke.

What truly sets D&S Cigar Lounge apart from others in the business is their excellent customer care. Shaun, Dave, and their staff members take great care in taking an interest in their clients’ lives. “When a regular customer comes in, we greet them by name. They’re like family to us,” Shaun explains.

And everyone who works at D&S Cigar Lounge have been customers who love the shop so much, they wanted to work there. Shaun and his crew are truly knowledgeable about their products as well. Not only do they have monthly meetings with representatives who come in to educate and give out “swag,” they also will help you choose the perfect cigar for your time there.

“For a first timer, I always recommend something light. There’s a saying that goes, ‘The lighter the wrapper, the lighter the cigar,’” Shaun tells me.

D&S Cigar Lounge also has monthly and weekly events. Their weekly events include Monday Movie Night (and Monday Night Football when football season begins), as well as an after-work gathering every Friday night. If you buy two cigars, you’ll get a ticket for two drinks as well.

D&S is centrally located in Lancaster, has a ton of parking, and focuses on quality customer service for every person who walks through the door. They even have a special ladies night in honor of Mother’s Day once a year. “My wife kicks me out of the shop and brings in Thirty-One bags, Mary Kay, and some girly drinks for everyone to sample. The ladies love it!”

D&S Cigar Lounge has a passion for cigars and pay close attention to the needs of their customers. “The only real addictive part of this is the social aspect,” Shaun says. “This is how I feed my family. The comaradery I see here every day is what I love.”

D&S Cigar Lounge
Chelsea Square
1623 Manheim Pike, Lancaster PA
(717) 569-3500