Waging War

Waging War

Lancaster is home to a diverse community of people with interests that range from local food to arts of all kinds. Given Lancaster’s diversity, it’s a strange feeling when one finds a gap among the many things that the city has to offer.

James Farbo, co-founder of War & Pieces, a forthcoming game store and lounge in Central Market Mall, found such a gap with regards to the gaming community that he decided to fill. “Our focus is on fostering and supporting Lancaster’s gamers by offering cards, collectibles, and different kinds of games that aren’t available elsewhere,” Farbo says of War & Pieces, “The city doesn’t really have anything like this right now.”

Through fundraising and hard work, Farbo and his team planned to open the store in November. When asked about War & Pieces’ core mission, Farbo plainly states, “Games are fun, and who doesn’t like fun?”

Visit War & Pieces’ social media sites to learn more about supporting one of Lancaster’s most unique new stores.

War & Pieces
Central Market Mall, Suite 1010
44 North Market Street, Lancaster PA
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