One Pack Medication System at Wiley’s Pharmacy

One Pack Medication System at Wiley’s Pharmacy


WileysFLL_06Imagine your loved one is very sick, and the only way to get better is to take ten different types of pills, at varying doses, in varying combinations, every two hours. It would get confusing, right? However, Wiley’s Pharmacy has an incredible solution. It’s called One Pack.

One Pack is a compliance system for medication. Robin Shaub, the pharmacy manager at the Strasburg location, explains, “We take all of the medication with the physician orders and robitically transfer it to a cellophane strip. It includes the time of administration and a medication identifier so you know what’s in the pouch and when to take it.”


WileysFLL_05This especially comes in handy for anyone with a complex medication regiment, and also for the elderly. “If someone is on six or eight medications, it can get cumbersome,” Robin says. The One Pack is highly customizable, so even if someone has to take a different medication every two hours, this new packaging system makes it easy to organize what to take and when. This also has an advantage over old med boxes which limit you to just four or five doses a day.

Personal care homes have taken interest in One Pack, as it relieves independent individuals from worrying about whether they’ve doubled up on a medication, or accidentally missed a dose.

You can have peace of mind with One Pack. If you’re going on a long vacation, Wiley’s can provide you with the correct regiment for weeks at a time.


The cost is also extremely affordable. In addition to your regular co-pay, One Pack only costs $10 per month. There are even coupons out there which will give you three months of free packaging!

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