Operation Aqua 2016

Operation Aqua 2016

Matt Whiteley, the marketing director at Lancaster Neuroscience & Spine Associates, wants create awareness for the importance of fresh water systems in low-income, impoverished countries.

As the website states, “Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.” 100% of the donations go directly to funding water projects. The installation of fresh water systems takes 21 months to complete. Not only does this timeframe give the campaigns enough time to raise the necessary money, it also allows the project managers to find out where the project will take place as well as assess the infrastructure which needs to be put in place.

Water02With a goal of $25,000 in mind, Matt and his wife Nicole are raising money to fully fund a water project which will bring clean water to a community in need. As an extra incentive for everyone to contribute what they’re able to, they will be matching the first $5,000 raised.

If the campaign reaches just $10,000, the money will be attached to a specific project. You will then be notified of the exact location and the coordinates of the proposed project so you can visit if you wish to do so, or check it out on Google Maps. If the campaign doesn’t reach $10,000 the money raised gets rolled into another campaign project, to which your name is still attached as a sponsor.

“We want this campaign to be a positive light in a world filled with negativity,” Matt says of the project.

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