Orange You Glad You Know Mark Vergenes?

Orange You Glad You Know Mark Vergenes?

Mark A. Vergenes—father, husband, financial advisor, event planner and parking czar—is a man of many colors. President of MIRUS Financial, Mark uses what he calls the “three-prong approach” when it comes to helping his clients in the fiscal realm. If you are looking for wisdom, support, and an overall enjoyable experience with a financial advisor, Mark Vergenes is the finest person to contact.

“People come to me to grow the money they already have, keep the money (save on taxes), and pass the money per their wishes…with emphasis on making the money grow long-term throughout their retirement.” He has the innate ability to assist his within an honest picture of their individual futures. Many of Mark’s clientele are the “Baby Boomers,” the generation who may just be on the feathery outskirts of considering a retirement plan.

With Mark comes boutique financial planning. He believes in being the main contact for his clients without being handed off to para-planners or other employees in separate departments. His website will be extremely helpful for you to get a sneak peak of what he can do for you. In his “75 Things We Do For Clients,” Mark explains in bulleted fashion how he will care for each client. This includes asking several questions to understand someone’s objective and current financial state, and putting goals into writing. Mark pays attention to the crucial details of each individual’s lives that come to him.

Mark is registered in 17 states to assist those in need of financial advice. If you decide, for instance, to retire in the beautiful state of Georgia, you can still talk to Mark by phone or—amazingly—by a video conference call. “The days of needing your advisor to live down the street are long gone,” Mark explains. As your financial relationship with Mark grows, you can contact him from almost anywhere you travel.

In addition to being a financial advisor, Mark also holds the crown of “Parking Czar.” He volunteers with the Lancaster City Parking Authority and is their Chairman of the Board, but probably the most fun event he holds for local Lancastrians is the rooftop event, which has occurred the Friday before July 4th in the city. This year, he will be holding his event on June 26th. With live musical entertainment, the “BYOB – bring your own chair” event includes Mark’s specially invited current and potential clients. A relaxing environment creates a fabulous view of the city fireworks without the hassle of finding a place to observe them on the city streets.

Without a doubt, Mark A. Vergenes takes the care you desire for your personal financial situation and wants to know and assist with your future. Contact him today.

You can also hear Mark on the AM720 radio station for MONEY MATTERS every Wednesday. You can also access the radio show from

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