Original Classics Concert Series: September Edition

Original Classics Concert Series: September Edition

Fine Living Lancaster, Music For Everyone, and Tone Tailors, would like to thank those of you who helped kickoff the new concert series called Original Classics. During this series, five local bands have chosen full albums out of a hat, picked by Jon-Paul Painton and John LeClair of Tone Tailors). Each band then performs the chosen album in its entirety, occurring every second Wednesday for the next several months. Each show will open up with another of the five chosen bands playing original songs for the first set.


The second concert of this series is coming up on Wednesday, September 14 at Tellus360! The show begins at 8pm, and the proceeds from the $5 cover charge will be donated to Music for Everyone.

Opening the show will be Limbo Jimbo with a 45-minute set of original songs. The 1.21 will close with their own take on The Beatles’ “Abbey Road.” Guitarist Jay McElroy is excited to share both new music and classic music from more than 40 years ago. The 1.21 consists of two guitarists, Jay McElroy and James Lipka, drummer Adam Nicodemus, and bassist Mark Pontz.


Although The 1.21 isn’t exactly choosing rigid roles as each of The Beatles, they each definitely identify with at least one of the original band members. For example, guitarist James Lipka will be largely occupying the role of George Harrison. “George has always been my favorite Beatle and a big influence on my guitar playing since I was a teenager,” James says. Drummer Adam Nicodemus says, “Few have mastered simplicit like Ringo has. My goal for drumming is to be respectful and not stray too far from the path. ‘Less is more’ musically is what Ringo believes.”


Some of the bands in the series are choosing to portray the albums exactly as written, while other bands are using their own creative license to put personal spins on each song. “I think we will stick pretty close to the record,” The 1.21 says. “The biggest thing we will change are the vocals. Since none of us sound like the Beatles, we have to approach vocals in our own way.” The band assures listeners that although their take on Abbey Road may not be a carbon copy, they won’t be completely changing the genre of music to reggae, for example. However, Jay McElroy brings up a great point. “The songs on Abbey Road, like most Beatles albums, are so recognizable and iconic that people would know them even if they were played backwards.”

The 1.21 has rocked our faces for the last couple of years, and they certainly will not fall short in doing so on September 14. Make sure you stop by and support your local community. And, who doesn’t just love to hear The Beatles music played right in front of them?

We hope to see you all there!