Peace of Lanc: Positively Affecting the City of Lancaster

Peace of Lanc: Positively Affecting the City of Lancaster

I stood and watched flags of white, red, blue, yellow, and green gently flit in the crisp fall wind.

Prayer flags symbolize clarity, love and compassion, an awakened mind, generosity, and meaningful action. Couple Adam Serrano and Cat Beck, founders of Peace of Lanc, are creating a positive movement in our beautiful city.

Cat and Adam are artists and innovators. Adam Serrano is in charge of Youth Mentorship and Marketing at the Children Deserve a Chance Foundation. He works with youth between middle school and high school, consulting them about the image they portray across all social media. Cat Beck is the Program Supervisor and assists with Marketing at Excentia, a local organization which provides services and personal empowerment for individuals young and old. Cat and Adam are a power couple, and they are working on bringing all walks of life within our community… together.

“It all started in Philly just a month ago,” Adam tells me during our interview. “Cat surprised me and took me to a lecture given by Shepard Fairy. We stepped outside and a huge mural organization had tables set up with blank prayer flags. Young, confident girls approached us with markers and asked me to sit down… and start drawing.”

Adam and Cat were deeply inspired by this project, and began giving out blank prayer flags and coloring markers to local businesses, such as Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie, TellUs360, Aussie and the Fox, Excentia, The Common Wheel, and Arabian Knight.

Just weeks later, over 200 prayer flags have been scattered all across Lancaster in an effort to bring the community together… to create something together.

“The purpose is to bring together our community in a way where a 50-year-old downtown gallery owner could sit next to a 5th grader from a city school, in the same room, at the same table, and create something they’re proud of with physical evidence of it,” Adam and Cat explain.

In an effort to wrap social media around the entire project, Peace of Lanc has InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages, and even their own hashtag: #peaceoflanc. Peace of Lanc is not just a movement; it’s an effect. Adam and Cat want people to feel a sense of pride in having their artwork hanging all over the county. They want people to take pictures, use the hashtag, and share it on their social media. That’s what I want to see,” Adam says. “I want to see people of all ages get excited to see something they worked on.”

What’s next for Peace of Lanc? Cat and Adam plan to have four by five foot canvases for open paint sessions, yet another way to bring our community together.

If you are a local business and would like to participate in Peace of Lanc, contact Cat or Adam.