PENN’S PIX: Favs of 2015 & What’s Coming in 2016?

PENN’S PIX: Favs of 2015
& What’s Coming in 2016?

Okay boys and girls… it’s time for the 2015 “Year in Review” and the 2016 “Looking Ahead”!

revenant-leoBut first… this week we are super excited to open THE REVENANT starring Leonardo “what do I have to do to get a freakin Oscar” DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. Both of the stars are amazing and all kidding aside, if DiCaprio does not get Best Actor for his role then we know it is officially rigged. A word of caution- as amazing as the acting, cinematography and storyline are… this is a very violent, bloody movie. Like “Braveheart” violence… so be forewarned, some of it will make you squirm!

Also opening THE FOREST and CAROL one of which is Oscar candy and the other is a horror movie. You have to guess which is which!


Okay… here’s MY list of favorite movies from 2015. The Box Office Top Three were Star Wars (duh), Jurassic World and Avengers but grosses aside, this is my personal list of movies I enjoyed the most:

10. The Intern
09. Hateful Eight (now playing)
08. American Sniper (despite the fake baby)
07. Jurassic World
06. Creed
05. Spectre
04. Everest
03. Inside Out
02. The Martian
01. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Hon. Mention for Ant-Man, Imitation Game, A Walk in the Woods and Furious 7.
Worst of the Year- Vacation because it was such a disappointment by every measure.

first-star-wars-rogue-one-movie-poster-star-wars-rogue-one-movie-poster-ryan-crain-desi-339301So looking ahead? I see 2016 as being a really interesting year. How powerful will the “Star Wars effect” be for ROGUE ONE? Will Batman v. Superman be epic or be an epic fail? I’m buying into “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” and of course I’m all-in on Captain America in May. But here’s my pic… it won’t be “number one” or anything but I think JUNGLE BOOK is gonna end up being a massive hit. I’m really excited for it.


I think 2016 will see a more even distribution of sales than 2015 did… meaning, fewer extreme highs and fewer extreme lows (looking at you BLACKHAT).

I also predict that the best movie of the year may very well be a title that as of right now… I’ve never heard of. I think it’s gonna be that kind of year.

Okay gang… thanks for reading, thanks for being amazing people. I’m looking forward to another great year!

Take care and Party on,

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